About Lissom Survey

No matter who you are, or where you live, it’s very likely that you’ve taken at least one survey in your life. There are all kinds of surveys – and they’re everywhere – because there’s someone out there who wants to know what you think, what you buy, or how you live. Your information and opinions are valuable to someone, and like it or not, they’re going to ask you for it!
This is a look at different types surveys in history, and modern times.

Lissom Survey is an easily customizable survey application for market research, data collection, psychological tests, customer service and educational assessments. It allows users to create an unlimited number of surveys, with an unlimited number of questions and participants. Lissom Survey’s WYSIWYG HTML editor allows integration of pictures or movies into a survey. Lissom Survey can also use skip logic or branching to create different questions based on a participant’s previous answers. Users have the option of allowing or disallowing anonymous participation. Lissom Survey lets users import questions or export data in a variety of formats, including text, CSV, PDF, Excel, and more.